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Private Labeling Jewelry ODM

Original Design Manufacturing

ODM, or original design manufacturing, is also also referred to as “private labeling.” This is where an jewelry importer ( Distributors,retailer or wholesaler ) selects an already-existing jewelry design from a factory catalog, makes a few small changes and sells it under their own brand name. Changes can include things like packaging or product bundles, colors and branding, and some limited adjustments to components or functionality

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Jewelry ODM ( Original Design Manufacturing) Advantages

The advantage of ODM is that it spares importers the need to invest millions of dollars into research and development in order to create a new product from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just improve one that already exists? And by eliminating or vastly reducing the expense of product development, importers can focus more on marketing strategies.


Metal :  925 sterling silver,  brass 

Gemstone:  CZ (  Cubic Zirconia ), Lab created gemstone, Natural gemstone, pearls, rhinestones, 

Plated color:  14k gold plated, 18k gold plated, 2 tone plated, 3 tone plated, rose gold plated, rhodium-plated,

Stamped :  S925, 925, your private stamped LOGO

Packing : Make it according to your needs