Buy One Get One 50% OFF

Rules of use

When you buy certain products specified, if you want to buy 2 pieces, the first one is the original price, but you can get a 50% discount on the second one.

For example

this item , original price is $100.00,

This ring with 3 size( 6#, 7#,8# ), For example, if you buy 2 pieces of 6#, or 2 pieces of 7#, or 2 pieces of 8#, or 1 piece of 6# and 1 piece of 7#, or 1 piece of 7# and 1 piece of 8#, as long as it is two pieces, the second piece is 50% off.


View the shopping cart, You will see that there are 6# and 8# rings in the shopping cart, one of which is 50% off the price.

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